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Founded in 2010, ATW is a professional automation solution provider in China. ATW entered PV industry in 2012 and successfully launched the first generation of automatic PV cell stringer in 2013. With good stability, compatibility and adaptability to ultra-thin PV cell, stringer machine quickly gained market acceptance and became the principal product of ATW in the next years.

The stringer product includes three series: CHS/D conventional type, MS multi-functional type and CHR shingled type, all of which share the features of high production capacity, strong compatibility, short mechanism switching time and good accuracy. With development of new PV module technologies and changes in customer requirements, new functions are incorporated into the stringer machine, such as the LRF laminator, which, using a leading technology in the market, can increase the output power of module by 1.5-2%; the string detection system, which, using line camera technology in this field for the first time, can greatly improve the imaging resolution and get a strong detection stability; the EL detection system, which, using deep learning algorithm, can effectively improve the detection accuracy and reduce batch production failure.

In 2017, ATW extended business to upstream of the PV industry chain, and successfully launched the automatic wafer sorting machine, which breaks the long-term monopoly of imported products and is superior to the imported machines in measurements of wafer thickness, saw marks, etc. due to its pioneering use of 3D vision and other new technologies in this field.

In 2019, ATW introduced a light reduced annealing furnace, which can repair inner defects of the P- or N-type cells with LED injection technology and improve cell efficiency.

From the beginning to the present, ATW keeps working hard on technology and market development of the PV industry. Up to now, nearly 400 Chinese and foreign companies have cooperated with ATW, ATW's products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, and total production capacity of ATW machines in the market has exceeded 100GW. More than 1,000 ATWers have made proud contributions to the PV cost reduction and efficiency improvement through their own efforts. ATW's dream, building smart factory with new technology, is ahead and will come to true in the nearly future. Let us go on.

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